Venice & Alto Adige, Summer 2020

Fly away with us on an exciting Wine Education Tour to Venice and Alto Adige June 5-14, 2020. Join our trip organizer, Marco Scapagnini, and enjoy the adventure ahead!

This trip is limited to 15 guests. Questions? Contact Peggy Hanley at (512) 327-7555 or

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"Tour groups are not necessarily my/our thing. The mere suggestion of doing this on any destination leaves my husband rolling his eyes. But when a trip to Sicily (a place we‘d traveled before and couldn’t wait to revisit) came about through WFFT last year, we signed up immediately. And it could not have been more fun! Italy is my favorite destination of any place on Earth. The food, the WINE, the people, the beautiful countryside… Did I mention the food?! Any tour group was going to have very skeptical customers to please, but I can say - without reservation - that Niche Italy delivered. Accommodations and dining were well organized and, in some cases, particularly unique, adding to the personal flavor of our trip. Some of our luncheons were the most extraordinary and special meals we’ve ever eaten. Our tour guide (hopefully a return this year) kept us on our toes & made sure we got a bit of walking exercise every day, to counter those extravagant wine luncheons AND dinners. Maybe the best thing of all from our trip was the camaraderie that we all developed early on that lasted throughout the trip We laughed and ate our way around the entire island of Sicily. I still can’t fit into my pants, but I’ve got half a year to work on that before the next trip!" ~ Toni & Jeff Albrecht

"Ahhhh, Sicily! Prior to this, I have never voluntarily signed up for a group trip, much less one that was international, add to that one that was geared towards food and wine. How much tasting would there be, and could I actually sit through all of it for a week without burning out or getting bored? Would the discussion and knowledge base be above my level? Would the people on the trip all be well advanced wine connoisseurs? How would I get along on a mini-bus with 10 others I did not know well? I need not have worried. There is probably not an accurate reflection I could give as to how much fun this trip to Sicily with the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas and Niche Italy was. It was the perfect balance of wine tasting and discovery, food, geological and historical education of Sicily itself, and sight-seeing. The hotels were diverse, your bags were transported from door to door for you, the guides were entertaining and knowledgeable, the wines were ones I was not as familiar with thus broadening my palate, and finally, the travel companions were inspirational and welcoming. This trip completely changed my opinion of guided group travels, and expanded my wine experience without being pretentious or unattainable. It was a trip geared towards those who enjoy wine, food and travel period. If that sounds like you, then just go. You will not regret it." ~ Amber Pearce