The History of Women in Wine

Women have played an integral part in the wine trade since its inception over eight thousand years ago, and are rumored to be the first to have discovered wine! For millennia, writer’s of history have excluded women’s fundamental involvement in the world’s oldest trade.

Join Advanced Sommelier Rania Zayyat as she discusses and celebrates the historical impact of women in the wine industry. The 90 minute class will include a flight of eight wines made by phenomenal women from around the world.

Rania Zayyat Head Shot.jpeg

About the Instructor:

Rania Zayyat is an Advanced Sommelier and wine educator advocating gender equality and transparency in wine. Her experiences in a male-dominated wine culture during her formative years led her to create change in the wine industry by drawing more positive attention to female leaders. Rania is creating an overall transparency both in winemaking and in solutions necessary to level the professional playing field. She hosted a sold out Wonder Women of Wine Class in early 2018 highlighting the successes and revolutionary achievements of ten female winemakers from around the world, as well as showcased the wines and biographies of six female winemakers in conjunction with the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas’ ‘Women’s Initiative.' Rania’s beliefs regarding gender equality extend well beyond wine professionals, including consulting in male-dominated industries to help instill confidence in women.