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The More You Know About Malbec

April 17, 2019 4pm

Malbec is on fire in the US right now. When winemakers found that the Malbec vine thrived in the high elevation and dry conditions of the eastern slopes of the Andes mountains, Argentina began producing and exporting boatloads of super high quality, nicely drinking, and low priced wine. But due to this excitement, consumers lost track of the fact that the grape originated in the southwest of France and has historically been grown in Bordeaux and the Loire. Join us for this amazing discussion of Malbec, learn about the different regions and styles in Argentina, enjoy some classic Old World versions and discover new regions that are having success with this fan favorite grape.

Reminder: These classes will start promptly at 4pm and 6pm. If you arrive late we'll do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that you will be served all of the wines.

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About the Instructor:

Mark Rashap is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) who consults and teaches privately for various distributors, brokers and restaurant chains. Coming from a varied background starting in Argentina studying wine business, to making and brokering wine in Washington State, and working as a staff educator for a large Texas retailer, Mark most recently worked for the certifying body The Society of Wine Educators. Continuously writing, giving classes and webinars and having his finger on the pulse of the international wine scene, he believes that teaching the curious and thirsty public is the most gratifying aspect of the industry. He is also the producer, engineer, and host of the radio show and podcast, Another Bottle Down, on KOOP 91.7 bringing his philosophy and open-minded views to the Austin radio waves. As WFFT's former Director of Wine Education, Mark hosted the WFFT monthly educational wine class until the start of this year, when he accepted a position as area sales manager at Broadbent Selections. We are excited to welcome him back as an instructor this spring!