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IMBIBE: Holiday Wine Guide

Wednesday, October 4th
4201 Marathon Blvd Ste. 203 Austin Tx 78756
Member Tickets – $45
Non-Member Tickets – $55
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IMBIBE: Holiday Wine Guide – Stock up now!

It may still feel like the hottest part of Summer in Texas, but the Holidays are just around the corner! Cross something off your list early with our IMBIBE: Holiday Wine Guide tasting hosted by Paul Mims. Paul is a Director and Founding Ambassador of the Boisset Collection of wines and has been curating incredible tasting events for over a decade!

In this class, we will taste and talk about wines that would perfectly fit all your holiday social engagements. Whether you’re hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and need pairing ideas or want to stock up on some tremendous giftable wines for a holiday party, you’ll find something perfect in this class.

The Boisset Collection is one of the world’s leading family-owned wine companies. It began over 60 years ago in Burgundy, France, and now owns some 30 wineries in France and the US, representing over 22 centuries of collective winemaking heritage. Many Boisset wines consistently receive outstanding ratings from the major wine reviewers.

Other Details:

There will be one seating for this class.

Wednesday, October 4th

WFF Tasting Room
4201 Marathon Blvd Ste. 203 Austin, Tx 78756

Classes are $55 each ($45 for WFF Members).


IMBIBE means to consume or absorb – and that’s exactly what you’ll do in our classes… consume and absorb wine, food, and knowledge.

We host about two IMBIBE classes each month – usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. These classes are a great way to learn, and engage with other like-minded members of our community.  We have a variety of highly knowledgeable professionals who impart great information, and usually a few good laughs, too!

This event is for ages 21+

All event tickets are non-refundable