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Spain: Coast to Mountain

Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Gracia Mediterranean 4800 Burnet Road, Suite 450 Austin, Texas 78756
Member Tickets – $60
Non-Member Tickets – $70
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IMBIBE: Spain: Coast to Mountain

Embark on a journey to Spain’s finest vineyards with Winebow Imports as your guide. Savor the complex flavors and aromas of Emilio Hidalgo Sherries and Finca Valpiedra Rioja whites and reds, and discover the secrets of their world-renowned winemaking traditions. Join our Spanish wine class and unlock the beauty and complexity of these exceptional wines.

Presented by Michiko Matsuura, DipWSET – Winebow Imports Fine Wine Specialist & Diego Martinez, Finca Valpiedra

We will host this special Saturday class at the newly opened Gracia Mediterranean on Burnet Road!

Other Details:

There will be only one seating for this class

Tickets are non-refundable.

All WFF events are 21+


IMBIBE means to consume or absorb – and that’s exactly what you’ll do in our classes… consume and absorb wine, food, and knowledge.

We host about two IMBIBE classes each month – usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. These classes are a great way to learn, and engage with other like-minded members of our community.  We have a variety of highly knowledgeable professionals who impart great information, and usually a few good laughs, too!


FRIDAY, May 19 @ 10 AM: WFF Epicurean Members Only

TUESDAY, MAY 23 @ 10 AM: WFF Epicurean & Connoisseur Members Only

FRIDAY, MAY 26 @ 10 AM: All WFF Members – Epicurean, Connoisseur & Aficionado

TUESDAY, MAY 27 @ 10 AM: Registration is open to the public.