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An Unexpected Pairing: Interior Mexican Street Food & Wine with Moxy Castro


An Unexpected Pairing: Interior Mexican Street Food & Wine with Moxy Castro

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Set aside your micro-brews and margaritas! Join Moxy Castro for a delicious discussion of how wine pairs with interior Mexican street food.

Street food is one of the most fun, visceral ways to explore culture, language and flavor.  In Austin, we have a vibrant street food scene, with over 1,000 local options. Bringing your own bottles to picnic or eating in a food court or grabbing food to go, especially in our current environment, is a great way to keep exploring new textures, sensations and flavors-and to support smaller, local businesses.

Let’s play with why acids, bitters, sweets, oak, aromatics, textures work and don’t work and with what!

Wine Recommendations:

  • 2018 Do Ferreiro Albariño – $26.99

  • Heitz Grignolino Rose 2018  – $22.99

  • Fernández Gómez Rioja Crianza 2015 – 17.99

Food Recommendations (Check out some of Moxy’s local  favorites or enjoy your own selections):

  • Cuantos Tacos – Try Wednesday’s special, suadero, or the chorizo or both!

  • Discada – Pick up some taquitos (available in quantities of 3, 5, & 8) and the elote en vaso.

  • Nixta Taqueria – Don’t miss out on the duck carnitas and the octopus!

Guidelines for Purchase

These wines will be available for purchase at the Twin Liquors  (Hancock location only). There is no deadline to register for this class or to purchase your wines.

Please visit the food vendors’ websites for hours and ordering options.

Cuantos Tacos


Nixta Taqueria

Other Details

Class will be hosted via Zoom. Registrants will receive an email with the meeting link Wednesday morning.

Participants will be required to purchase at least one of the packages to receive the Zoom link for the tasting.

Please note: These sessions are being recorded for marketing purposes.

About the IMBIBE Series

IMBIBE means to consume or absorb – and that’s exactly what you’ll do in our classes . . . consume and absorb wine, food, and knowledge. IMBIBE takes place every week, alternating between Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm (unless otherwise noted).  These classes are a ton of fun and loaded with great education! Our members have told us that Wednesdays and Thursdays are their favorite days of the week because they love these virtual tastings so much!

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